Anhui Shui'an badminton team wins again


On October 12, Anhui Shuian badminton team was invited to participate in the 2019 Hefei badminton league. In order to enrich the spare time life of the staff, improve the level of sports competition, and fully show the positive spirit of the group staff. The group sent 14 competitors to participate in the competition. Wang Jingxin, deputy general manager and chief economist, participated in the competition. Wan Juan, member of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union, and Chen Huiquan, director of safety and quality, attended the competition and cheered on.

After two days of fierce competition, the feather team of Shui'an group won the second place in group C women's singles, the fifth place in group C women's doubles and the third and fifth place in group B men's doubles in the form of group match, knockout match and final match.

The badminton team of the group company actively fought, fought hard and challenged themselves in the competition, carried forward the spirit of "will, style and level of competition", played the ball skills to the fullest, won the cheers of the audience, compared with the spirit of sports competition, and won the water safety style!

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